Friday, June 8, 2007

Wahoo...I'm here!

And waiting for room number two to be cleaned for me. Room number one was a closet in the basement with no window, I'll take pictures before I move out. For just $2 more I get windows, room to stand up, and a shower that isn't directly over the toilet. What a deal!
Flights over were fairly uneventful but I met two characters in LAX that are worth some describing, mainly because we all had a long layover together there. First was Trang, lovely young Vietnamese girl who was dressed well, umm, like a hooker. Barely there shorts and knee high boots and a tank top that showed off her hot pink bra. As I was sitting on my luggage waiting to check-in (ticket counter didn't open until 9:00 and I got there at 6:00) when she sauntered my way and decided we should be friends. She was a very nice girl however, and it was fun just to watch everyone stare at her as they walked by. Not much else to do when you've forgotten your Ipod (stupid me). But it was friend #2 that was really something. Sitting waiting for the flight, Randy from Illinois took the seat next to me. I then learned all about his truck driving (including a recent exposure to some sort of deadly gas that he believes he'll need a lawyer for, of course), his best dog ever that played with his coon and ran off with a new puppy (don't they all), and then, when it couldn't get any better, his mail-order Chinese wife who ran off with all his money. They'd corresponded for a year before he flew over to meet her, seemed nice, they got married, he visited a few more times before he could get her to the US, and then she ran off once she got her. Poor guy. I'd have felt more sorry for him if he wasn't flying to Manila to meet the sister and family of his buddy's Phillipino wife. Hopeless romantic. Just hope it all goes well for him.
Well, better go check on my new suite. Going to meet up with my boss this evening so I'll have a better idea of what work I'll be doing. Pictures and stories to come.

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