Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jungle fever

I haven't had much to report for the last few days because I haven't left my bed, let alone the house, much. But before I came down with this lovely fever, which seems to have finally subsided, I did do a little walking tour on Saturday. The pictures are of Independence Monument and the garden at the National Museum. I also visited the Royal Palace, but they charge you to take a camera in there and I was feeling cheap. The other monument I took a picture of (last picture) is the Cambodia-Vietnam Friendship Monument.

Last night I went to a dinner at the home of a law professor from the University of Michigan. I was hoping he could put me in touch with some of the law students who are here this summer, but he had a hard time remembering where they were working, let alone there names. So that ended up being a bit of a dead end. But I did have frog and some soup with baby shrimp in it. Still wasn't feeling too great so I didn't eat much, but the frog was actually pretty decent.

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Charlene said...

Frog? Wow I definately didn't get that brave in Egypt! :) So I'm finally home with Tripp and starting to feel back to normal. I got so used to all that running around in Egypt I forgot what it was like to have a life a stay in touch with the outside world! So i appologize for not being in contact sooner... Anyway looks like your having fun and I'm going to test out this international texting thing...