Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boat ride, floating villages

The boat trip to Siem Riep was a beautiful trip--although it could have been about 3 hours instead of 7. As you can see, we were a bit crammed on not exactly comfortable benches, but it was well worth it.

We travelled through some pretty narrow stretches where the going was a bit trecherous. Lost someone's bag at one point when the boat tipped quite violently, but they were able to fish it out. And we almost lost our guy on the front of the boat when we ran into some trees and bushes. He got knocked off, but managed to hang on to the side. A little wet, but not too much worse for the wear. You can see he sometimes had to work quite hard to get us out of the mud.

But we finally made it to the some wider sections of river and the going was much easier. We passed by many floating villages where they have everything from floating churches to basketball courts. Then we got to cruise on Tonle Sap, the giant lake that is right in the center of Cambodia. After we docked (and the boat was overrun by aggressive tuk-tuk drivers) we found a nice driver named Kun and my new friend Steph (from the boat ride) and I made our way into town.

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